If a connection has been made between 2 profiles and one of them decides to un-connect with the other, all the private information will be hidden again. Private information will be visible as long as the other profile stays connected to you.
From a technical point of view, it is not possible to identify whether someone has good intentions while registering on 1nikah. We rely on the cooperation of all registered users to be serious about marriage. Fake accounts can always be reported if any. Since marriage is a something serious, everyone who is looking forward towards this goal with another profile on 1nikah ( or by any other means ) should do the necessary inquiries in real life on his potential partner and should not rely only on online conversations.
1Nikah is a fully automated platform. All notifications sent and connections between profiles are automated. All your data and authentication information are kept securely on a google database ( Firebase ). Personal data are not shared with any third parties and is kept confidential.