It all started with the Facebook group “Halaal meetup“. This group was created for the purpose of matching muslims man and woman in Mauritius for Nikah. Hundreds of single muslims registered and gave their information which were listed in an anonymous way. People who were looking for a spouse had to go through the list of profiles and notify the admin if they are interested in someone. The admins, may Allah bless them, had to contact individual profiles and their job gradually became very difficult.

As the number of profiles grew over time, it became difficult for people as well to go through the extensive list on Facebook. The only solution was to come with an automated platform where people can search for profiles and send their interest themselves. The platform was developed by brother Yashin Soraballee and was live on Ramadan 2020.

After a few months, the app was published for mobile devices and it now has an international exposure. People from all over the world can register and use this free innovative platform in the most halaal way with the objective of finding a spouse.

Now we plan to continue growing our audience and post articles related to nikah and updates about the app in this blog InshaAllah.